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Ways We Can Partner Together

LifeHikes Foundation for Youth and Educators: ​

Courage and Confidence! Helping youth develop their voice and improve their communication skills leads to students who have a voice! The outcomes are positive and life changing. The work we do with underserved students is most rewarding and a game changer for each student. When educators also get involved, students are encouraged to keep growing and expanding their soft skill set. ​ Current and past programs:

LifeHikes Foundation for Non-Profits, NGO’s, and the World! 

Impact and Passion! We strive to help technical experts, foundation workers, and other essential community builders around the world to increase their voice as a force for good in the causes they support.  We partner with both local and international organizations to provide trainings in both immersive in-person settings, or a series of 90-minute interactive sessions.  

Current and past programs:

Virtual Training Programs: With video communication platforms and strong wifi connections, we are now able to partner with large and small NGOs, non-profits and charities to provide live interactive virtual trainings all over the globe.

In Person Training Programs: Our coaches travel to major cities around the globe to deliver in-person trainings for non-profits, charities, agencies, the BIPOC community, women and small business leaders.